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Fortune Character was launched in 2008 by Yao Shifeng, a successful Chinese entrepreneur who had previously founded the largest management consultancy firm in Shanghai, Solunar Group. His aim was to create a focus for the Chinese business elite, building on the emergence of a trend for the newly-wealthy to group together to seek exclusive lifestyle opportunities, chances to network and guidance on how to enjoy the fruits of their labours. Unlike other elite clubs in China, however, Fortune Character operates across multiple locations and includes second- and third-tier cities (where more than 50% 0f the country’s wealth is located), as well as the usual first-tier ones.


Today Fortune Character has offices in 14 mainland Chinese cities and reaches more than 182,000 members, making it the biggest organisation of its kind in China. Membership is by invitation only and subject to strict wealth requirements. There are two levels of membership: VVIP for those worth more than $16 million and VIP for those worth $1.6-$16 million. There are currently more than 60,000 VVIP members.


As part of its global expansion programme Fortune Character has opened head offices in the UK and USA, along with satellite operations in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, India, Australia and Hawaii, providing world-wide access points for luxury brands seeking to engage with our membership.


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