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One of the key benefits of Fortune Character membership is the opportunity to attend our special events. Every year we organise more than 100 of them across China – everything from car launches to high-level business summits and fine wine tastings – varying in scale from intimate dinners for 10 to presentations to 500 or more. The majority are brand-led - bespoke events organised for one or more sponsors and created to give Fortune Character members an exclusive experience of a product or service likely to appeal to their tastes and lifestyles.


Fortune Character’s reach in to the more ‘remote’ cities, which are often largely un-tapped by international luxury brands, means that our events are frequently the sole conduit through which the wealthy have opportunities to access some of the less ubiquitous trappings of success. This makes them hugely valuable to members and brands alike.


In addition to brand-led happenings, we also organise our own Fortune Character events, ranging from cocktail parties for 400 guests in our tier-two cities, to our biggest of the year: the Fortune Character Luxury Summit and Awards Dinner. The Summit element occupies the day and sees the release of the much-anticipated China Luxury Report, the leading analysis of the consumption habits and aspirations of China’s wealthiest citizens. As you might expect, this attracts a stellar business audience – in 2013 there were 133 chief executives of Chinese companies, 123 regional CEOs of global corporations and 145 senior luxury brand managers in attendance.


In the evening the focus shifts from business to pleasure and we are joined by Fortune Character members and their illustrious friends. In 2013 our guests for the dinner included 146 ¥billionaires (each with a net worth in excess of £100million sterling) and 71 of China’s best-known celebrities. Over the course of the day and evening we host more than 700 of China’s wealthiest and most influential people. There are opportunities for brands to engage with them throughout. Contact us to find out more.


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